Trinity Research Labs services include:

PCB prototyping, manufacturing and testing

  • Complete printed circuit board design and whole product assembly, testing and packing (this includes components selection and supply)

  • Professional services for electronic schematics simulation and solutions for a variety of complex requirements, such as ultra-low-noise and custom designed filters


Precision Laboratory Measurements and Materials Treatment

  • Specialised annealing treatments (including extended wire-like objects using a custom-designed 1000 C furnace) for a variety of materials

  • Noise characterisation measurements in a magnetically shielded environment and under zero-magnetic-field controlled conditions


Field Measurements

  • Low magnetic, electromagnetic and seismic noise field stations

  • Field-testing for a variety of geophysical instruments including custom-designed tools for geophysical prospecting


Vibration & Acoustic Noise Simulation

  • Simulated vibration and acoustic noise (incl. aircraft noise and recorded engine noise)

  • Low cost noise testing of instrumentation without physically taking it to a real noisy environment (this includes simulating linear and angular acceleration environment)